Artist and Teacher - Jo Legg
I started painting in 1990 when a local
store held a 2 day oil painting class. I
thought I'd try it, and if I couldn't do it, I
just wouldn't mention to anyone that I had
I have been fascinated with painting oils
from that first day. Since I live in a rural area, I ventured out a little
farther from home to take classes in Dallas. I have taken classes
from the east to west coast with some of the best!
For the last 8 years, I have studied with Robert Warren almost  exclusively. He is, in my opinion, one of the best contemporary  artists, and an excellent teacher. He has developed a method of  painting that results in a professional looking painting for even  those without much experience. I have incorporated his technique into my paintings, and my  classes. I like to paint florals, still-lifes, landscapes, wildlife and  portraits. There is so much beauty out there for us to see and  record that I will never get to paint it all. But, I keep trying! I now teach for groups, in local classes, and in several  conventions across the United States. I feel so fortunate that I can  share my love of art with others.
Paintings for sale and Commissioning a painting A number of the paintings that you will see on this site are available for  purchase. E-mail me for purchase information. If you want to commission a  portrait, e-mail me for information and to see other examples of my work. If you have any questions about where I teach, please feel free to contact me.
Projects are:
 are available for some of my
Seminar will be at: Nov. 4-9, 2019 Hosted by: World of Color Expo Instructor: Jo Legg World of Color 2019 Hearndon, VA
Workshop in Paris, TX Sept. 23-26-2019 Instructor: Robert Warren These 4 paintings will be done in the workshop.